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About Us

S & Y Agencies is a family owned Australian wholesaling company that has been operating in the automotive and industrial industry for over 20 years. We are a Brisbane-based major wholesaler of cost-efficient tools, equipment, machinery, automotive and more. We supply to retailers statewide and nationally.

S & Y Agencies stocks a diverse product line ranging from batteries, compressors, wheel chocks, cargo nets, power tools, abrasives, seat covers, cleaning products, water coolers and much more. We have experienced an ever-changing market over the past two decades and we pride ourselves on continual product development and availability to meet the needs of our industry clients.

As the leading trade name in supplying tools, equipment and machinery, we are also a Queensland Distributor for AuzGrip, Grip Tools, Insize, Mocare, CarPlan, CRC, WD40 and Autotecnica, just to name a few.

Our main objectives are to sell you cost efficient automotive and engineering tools, equipment and machinery.

We strive to be your first point of contact and to dispatch your orders within a 24 hour turnaround.

Some of the services we offer are:

  • Quality customer service
  • Full colour catalogues
  • Effective quarterly promotions
  • Weekly specials and product launches
  • All appropriate products are tested to Australian Standards
  • Competitive, reliable and efficient service

The product range we carry at S & Y Agencies continues to expand. Please contact us to see if we can supply you with any other product requests. 

We provide solutions. We exceed expectations.

Where It All Began

Many have wondered where the name S & Y Agencies originated. In 1996, Shaun and Yvonne with their young family, embarked on the unknown and started their first business. Combining the first letter of their name’s, S for Shaun and Y for Yvonne, the beginning of their next chapter began.

Shaun’s history involved over 6 years of working in various roles within the automotive industry. Yvonne also came from an automotive background where her roles included production and management.

Together in 1996, they became agents and launched into business starting with a variety of agency lines. They started from the ground up and spent many long hours running every detail of the business together before hiring help. Shaun would travel around Queensland servicing customers while Yvonne would run the accounts, administration, picking and packing from their backyard shed.

Within 4 years of starting S & Y Agencies, the husband-and-wife duo moved into their first warehouse in Capalaba. Since then, they have relocated a handful of times but have always stayed local in their home suburb, Capalaba.

Now S & Y Agencies proudly distributes and imports a large range of products nationwide.

Over the past 27 years of business, they have seen many changes including the growth of independent stores developing and the trend of big players taking over small businesses. Despite the climate, they have continued to grow doing what they love and servicing clients throughout Queensland and now nationwide. Shaun and Yvonne are proud to say that both their children and their families are working within the business.

2023 celebrates 27 years in business for S & Y Agencies alongside Shaun & Yvonne’s 40th wedding anniversary.